“Finally, a great set of themes that I don't
have to re-code to be device friendly!”


Fluid is an elegant portfolio theme with a flexible foundation and a responsive layout. This theme is packaged complete with jQuery-based slideshows and galleries which automatically resize to fit their container. These can be added to any page by adding a simple shortcode to the page content.

Along with a beautifully minimal portfolio design, Fluid delivers responsive widget support, mobile-optimized toggle menu, show/hide support for blog post summaries, gallery filters, customizable colors, and more.

Current version: 1.3 | WordPress compatibility: 3.0+

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Desktop View

Fluid Desktop

1. Responsive Menu displays at full-scale in a horizontal (left to right) list. Drop down sub-menus are automatically generated and appear on roll-over. Sweet and simple.

2. Slideshows are shown at maximum width based on your specs. They will dynamically adjust to fit as needed, and of course, they will look awesome! Plus you can easily put a link on any image!

3. Galleries will display all items at full-width in three columns. Each item will also dynamically display it’s contents, which include images, titles and links. These galleries are super flexible and easy to use.

Tablet View

Fluid Tablet

1. Responsive Menu is automatically adjusted for the tablet with no sweat. It displays in a horizontal list, the same way as the desktop view, and the drop down sub-menus are automatically generated and appear on roll-over.

2. Slideshows dynamically scale to fit the tablet-sized containers. They will always max out at the width you specify, but they are smart enough to shrink when they have too.

3. Galleries will display all items in three columns, just like in desktop view. But in tablet view, each gallery will respond by scaling down the width of it’s columns. Again, these galleries are super flexible and easy to use!

Mobile View

Fluid Mobile

1. Responsive Menu takes on a whole new look in mobile view. It becomes an animated push-button device that not only saves space, but looks amazing! The menu will conveniently store all your pages and their children for easy fingertip access.

2. Slideshows get nice and compact. They work and function just as they would at any other view, and they also even expand to fit your titles! These slideshows are awesome features that will wow your visitors!

3. Galleries shrink down into two column layouts that conserve space, but they still keep everything in scale. Your images are treated with respect and never cropped. And, of course, all galleries are sortable with optional filter menus at all sizes!

Fluid Features

  • Responsive Layout Design
  • Localization Support
  • Single Post Pagination
  • Dynamic and Flexible Slideshows (Shortcode)
  • Galleries with Animated Sorting (Shortcode)
  • Collapsible Blog Posts (Show/Hide Containers)
  • Animated jQuery Mobile Menu
  • Shortcode Buttons
  • Videos Resized Dynamically
  • Fully Functional and Responsive Blog
  • Self Adjusting Threaded Comments
  • Custom Admin Panel with Styling Options
  • Create Personalized Color Schemes
  • WordPress 3.0 Custom Main Menu
  • Optional Page Templates and Portfolio Template
  • Upload Personalized Logo and FavIcon
  • Custom Tracking Option (Analytics)
  • Post Sidebar for Widgets
  • Page Sidebar for Widgets
  • Upper Footer for Widgets
  • Custom Textfields in Lower Footer